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Hello, I'm Bruno LENOIRE

Diplomat, teacher, good interpersonal skills and good capacity of adaptation, I have an experience in PME and PMI in a national and international context and I have a global vision of company's functions.

Currently looking for new professional opportunities, I propose to put my skills and experience at the service of a company.

I have a genuine passion to help companies to grow their business and I have more than 20 years IT Management experience in Life Sciences domain (Pharmaceutical industry, food and environnemental analysis laboratories) and also industrial valves industry in French company and also in international context.

My goal is to help companies to achieve the highest levels of performance and efficiency in IT and quality management.

In an IT continuous improvement environment, I make an IT audit and build the master plan aligned to the business strategy, I establish the roadmap, provide documentation, provide Key Performance Indicator (KPI) on the IT activity and manage all IS related projects (Trades, Infrastructures, Developments, Digitalization of business processes, industrial servers and equipment, telephony) with efficiency. I’m responsible of IT risk management, physical and logical security management, Business Continuity Plan (BCP), Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and manage all applications such as ERP, CRM, LIMS, …

I implement Service Level Agreements (SLA) negotiated with business lines, work with processes based on ITIL, COBIT, ISO 27001/27002 in various regulatory environments such as ISO 9001, BPF, GMP, FDA, SOX, COFRAC.

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Few projects and work environnements

Below some examples of working environment and projects realized.

Information and communication technologies (ICT)



Social structure

Working environment


Businesses Jobs

Management of the Budget and the contracts

What I'm Doing

I love what I do and I take great pride in what I do. I can't do something halfway. If I'm going to do something, I go all the way.

IT Governance

I set up type Key Performance Indicator like Balanced Scorecard's forward-looking dashboards to consider The financial perspectives, the customers, the performances and the trainings of IS.
Creation of SOP, modus operandi, safety management, risks, PCA, DPR, customer satisfaction.

Master Plan

I set up the master plan in 3 and 5 years to align IS on the corporate strategy.


I realize the piloting of the life cycle of the production by the implementation of Aspects (validation IQ; OO; PQ, recipe, documentation, change management, production, continuous improvement, service level agreements) in a Context of quality assurance and management of mastered risks.


I manage is/IT teams of tecnicians an ingeneers

ITIL Service Catalogue

I implement ITIL Service Catalogue. I implement Service Level Agreements SLA.

Custumer service

I Organize the customer service around a single point of contact and set up a tool to manage customers calls.

My strenghts

IS Global vision
IS Governance
Customer Service

My Resume

Work Experience
1991 - Today

Since 2019

ISIT Manager France - ALS (Australian laboratories Services)

Responsibilities :
I proceed to the establishment of the first French laboratory of the Australian group and put in place the French infrastructures
In collaboration with the international project managers of the group, I proceed to the implementation of various business tools (accounting, payroll, LIMS, CRM, ...) .
Je procède à la création du premier laboratoire Français du groupe Australien

2016 - 2019

Chief Information Officer - ALPA Groupe

Responsibilities :
Member of the COMEX, I organization and pilot of the management of the information systems in order to set up the company of 2021.
In this context, I realize an inventory of the existing and set up the IT policy in alignment with the objectives of the company.
I collaborate with different trades to support projects and improve performance.
I manage telecommunications, infrastructures, user support, developments and manage French, Nearshore and international teams as well as service providers.

2011 - 2019

Chief Information Officer - ISHA

Responsibilities :
Member of the Executive Committee, I participate in the global strategy of the company. I realize a current situation of the existing with the aim of developing IS as well as the telephony in a Green IT spirit.
I develop the IS governance and I implement the master plan of the information system.
I proceed to the total revision of information systems in an orientation optimization, reassurance and robustness of the architectures by aligning me on the corporate strategy to be able to answer the evolutions of the businesses jobs.
I manage the projects in their completeness (features, costs, human and technical resources, schedule).
I collaborate with the various businesses jobs to accompany the projects and improve the performance. I manage the telecommunications of the company.

2009 - 2011

Co-foundator of the company - ICS Informatique

Responsibilities :
Business development as well as creation of the web site of the company.
Consulting in information system and webmaster.

2000 - 2008

IT Manager, Chief information officer deputy - AstraZeneca

Responsibilities :
Assist the CIO in the operational and strategic management of department. Management of the IT production systems and networks, infrastructures, architectures, applications, security as well as customer service. Manage the relations and the needs for the directions jobs. Management from 7 to 10 people (technicians and engineers). Governance of IS. Integration of new application softwares in a context of change management.

1998 - 2000

Administrator Systems and Networks - AstraZeneca

Responsibilities :
Installation operating systems, networks, optimization, Network supervision, technology watch, resolution of the user problems.

1993 - 1998

Administrator Systems and Networks - Gec Alsthom Sapag

Responsibilities :
Installation operating systems, networks, optimization, Network supervision, technology watch, resolution of the user problems.

1991 - 1993

Dessinateur industriel - Auxicad

Responsibilities :
Réalisation de projets sur les systèmes Medusa, Autocad, Cadds, ...


IS Governance


IS Global View


Master Plan


Production management


Customer service management


International and reglementary environment


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